Our Vision

Through advocacy, design and education The Village Project seeks to transform our region into a network of walkable communities interlinked by quality transit services. We place equity, affordability and diversity alongside environmental protection as essential ingredients of the intimacy and vitality of our communities.

Our Mission

Facilitate the transition to ecologically sound land use through advocacy and education.

Our Principles

The Village Project principles describe how future growth should be accommodated. Local planning decisions have global effects and events occurring outside the immediate community affect us locally. Truly compact urban form is indispensable to conservation of energy, resources, farmland and open space, to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to climate stabilization.

Sustainable urban form most likely occurs when all of these characteristics are present:

  • Compact development footprint
  • Density
  • Uses mixed vertically and horizontally
  • A full spectrum of economic, institutional & cultural activities
  • Streetscapes that are friendly to pedestrians & bicyclists
  • Public transit options that are convenient, reliable, comfortable and safe
  • A variety of housing types available and affordable to a diverse population
  • Parks, plazas and open spaces within walking distance of every resident
  • Community gardens and natural areas accessible to community residents